Tomas Keenan is the co-founder and CEO of Top Class Installations, company that installs GPS tracking telematics units and dash cameras in commercial fleet vehicles, helping companies become more efficient. They are a third-party subcontractor that chooses from the very best products the market has to offer and offers installation and servicing functions to an organization to “track and view” their vehicles. Tomas explains more about the applications of what he does, as well as the potential for growth in this space as technology develops further. John and Tomas discuss the future of automated vehicles, and how he plans to capitalize on the increasing need and demand for telematics services. Tune in to find out more.


Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Tomas Keenan.

[1:15] What does Tomas do?

[1:54] What are some of the applications of what Tomas does?

[4:28] 5G is the next game changer. Why is it going to have such an impact on Tomas’s business?

[8:25] Are there any new markets opening up in this ‘tracking and viewing’ industry that don’t exist now?

[10:42] Tomas shares how his business started out, and what it has evolved into.

[13:55] Tomas and John discuss the idea that he is helping bring autonomous vehicles to market faster.

[17:44] Tomas’ business has the potential for growth in the after-market sector as well.

[19:57] How has Tomas’s business grown and evolved over the years?

[22:22] How does Tomas plan to expand his business as a greater need and demand for his product and services emerges?

[25:48] Tomas does both installations and service work in his business.

[29:40] Tomas shares some of the biggest and most difficult lessons he learned from starting his first business.

[31:36] What is Tomas’s objective for listeners?

[36:14] Tomas has a new book out, Unf*ck Your Business.

[38:08] Get in touch with Tomas if you’re looking for a new business to get into!


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