Nick Raithel is the founder of 7-Hour Book, a company that focuses on helping business people to build their authority and get their message out to their audience by publishing their own book in just seven hours. He explains more about how he came up with his business idea for the 7-hour Book, and his key takeaways from his entrepreneurial journey. Nick also recently started a new business venture in the real estate investing space, and he explains what prompted his move to a completely new industry as well as his thoughts on the opportunities that exist, both in real estate and in other areas. Tune in to find out more.


Key Takeaways:

[:19] John introduces his guest for this episode — Nick Raithel.

[1:14] How did Nick get into the space that he’s in?

[3:36] How did Nick get into the real estate niche in terms of helping people become authors?

[4:48] Nick and John discuss how he stumbled into the real estate business for himself.

[7:17] Nick explains more about the 7-hour book concept.

[8:40] How does Nick ensure that his process accurately captures his client’s voice and message?

[11:40] What role does Nick play in the other aspects of publishing a book?

[12:41] What has Nick’s experience been with tangible books vs. e-books?

[13:44] Why do people form such an attachment to books?

[15:03] John shares a personal anecdote about his first book.

[15:47] How did Nick get into the book space?

[17:37] Writing a book forces you to crystallize your thoughts about what you’re doing.

[19:41] How did Nick’s real estate business evolve?

[21:40] Starting a business as a side hustle is difficult because it takes up a lot of time, energy and money. Nick and John share their experience on that front.

[27:26] In starting a business, it is important to have mentors and people who have already walked the path you’re pursuing.

[29:03] What is Nick’s real estate lane?

[30:35] Nick and John dive into the profit margins of flipping houses and other real estate transactions.

[35:53] How is Nick managing the financial part of his business with regard to meeting with banks?

[37:10] When it comes to financing, crowdfunding has emerged as a very viable way to raise money.

[41:18] There are opportunities that exist that nobody is looking at yet.

[46:17] Find out more about Nick and the work that he does on his websites and check out his podcast as well.


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