Demrie Henry is the founder and President of US Sports Club Insurance, a company that provides insurance coverage, and fee recovery and reimbursement to parents of kids who play on sports teams and sports clubs. Demrie shares more about how she saw an unaddressed problem in the youth sports industry, and what it took for her to create a business around her innovative solution. She reveals some of the challenges she faced, as well as some of her wins so far. Tune in to find out more about how Demrie is cashing in on an untapped market with her simple solution!


Key Takeaways:

[:17] John introduces his guest for this episode — Demrie Henry.

[1:00] What does Demrie do?

[3:33] John and Demrie discuss what the problem is with the youth sports industry that gave rise to Demrie’s business.

[7:40] What’s Demrie’s economic model for her insurance product, and how did she get the data to create this model?

[9:55] Why did the club owners Demrie approached help her by sharing their data?

[13:57] Demrie shares some of the costs and prices of the plans she offers.

[18:10] What are some of the challenges Demrie faces in her business?

[23:07] How did Demrie figure out the insurance aspect of her business?

[24:06] Insurance licenses are granted at the state level. Demrie has chosen to start her business in Texas, and she explains how that has worked out.

[28:52] John gives a shout out to SmartVault.

[29:36] Demrie plans to roll out to all 50 states in 2019.

[31:02] How is Demrie getting the word out about her business?

[35:05] How has Demrie navigated the tricky solution of selling her product to people who aren’t the final client?

[37:26] Demrie and John discuss her entrepreneurial journey and some of the unusual aspects of her business.

[43:52] Find out more about Demrie and what she does by visiting her website.


Mentioned in This Episode:

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