Sidney Clevinger is the CEO of Fritz Advertising Agency, a digital marketing and digital advertising agency that helps people with generating leads online through social media and other online avenues and also teaches people how to convert leads into closed sales. It is a resource-driven company that focuses on tried-and-tested systems, scripts, and training around closing leads to get results. Sidney shares some of his insights about the importance of knowing and advertising to your ideal client and why media plays such a critical role in generating leads and closing sales. Tune in to find out more!


Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Sidney Clevinger.

[:58] Who is Sidney and what does he do?

[2:03] Sidney explains the rationale behind why he teaches people not only how to get leads but also how to close them.

[4:03] How does Sidney help people generate and close leads?

[4:48] What sets Sidney apart from the rest of his competition? He explains more about his Unique Selling Proposition.

[8:00] Sidney shares an example of how he helps his clients with the different parts of the sales cycle.

[11:10] Sidney elaborates on the importance of knowing your ideal client and how brand identity and direct response marketing tie into it.

[15:15] John and Sidney discuss why repeat customers are crucial, particularly to small businesses, and how to retain customers to turn them into repeat customers. Sidney also explains with some real-life examples.

[22:35] Set yourself up with an opportunity in a targeted and rich market by expanding your offerings to clients who have already bought into your initial offering.

[25:39] What is the success ladder? John and Sidney talk through some examples.

[29:23] Who are most of Sidney’s clients?

[30:41] What are some emerging trends Sidney sees regarding media and the different platforms available?

[33:53] Facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to targeting your ideal client and moving them to take action.

[40:19] Technology has made it cheaper than ever before to target people and advertise to them but most people do need experts to help them with the complexities of these areas.

[42:14] Get Sidney’s eBook How to Generate Highly Qualified Leads on Facebook for Free to learn more about his strategies for generating and closing leads.

[44:46] What tools and technology does Sidney use?

[49:18] John and Sidney discuss the misconception that if you give something away for free, then people are not going to need to pay you to do it.

[54:57] Get in touch with Sidney via Facebook with any questions you may have.


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