Tim Bornholdt is the co-founder of the Jed Mahonis Group, a company that works with businesses and startups to build mobile apps. The team focuses on everything around mobile apps — strategy, design, development, deploying and shipping it out to consumers. Tim and John discuss the importance of identifying the right client for your business, and why validating an idea is crucial to success. Tim also highlights how his company has helped various businesses generate more revenue and improve customer experience through an app, and what rookie mistakes to avoid if you’re thinking about launching an app for your business. Tune in to find out more.


Key Takeaways:

[:19] Who is Tim Bornholdt and what does he do?

[:53] How did Tim get into building mobile apps?

[2:07] How did Tim go from idea to execution?

[4:28] Tim unpacks what it means to validate an idea.

[5:50] Tim and his partner ended up switching their roles in the business. How did that happen?

[9:25] How has Tim managed to identify and cater to “the right client” in his business?

[13:20] John and Tim discuss the difference between an achievement entrepreneur and a lifestyle entrepreneur and how to work with people.

[17:53] John shares a personal anecdote of firing a client.

[20:16] What is Tim’s process for helping clients determine if they need an app and what they need the app to do?

[22:19] How does Tim determine if the app that his client asks for is the app that their customers want?

[25:31] John and Tim discuss the Great Clips App as a case study.

[30:52] How does Tim curate new ideas and improve on the apps that he creates?

[33:05] John gives a shout out to his sponsor, SmartVault.

[34:27] How does Tim deal with bad reviews on apps?

[39:32] Tim shares how he helped the Great Clips App collect good reviews.

[43:25] Get in touch with Tim to find out more about how he can help your company create a customized mobile app.

[44:43] Tim highlights some of the apps he has created for some smaller companies.


Mentioned in This Episode:

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Jed Mahonis Group

Great Clips App

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Review Fire

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