Damion Lupo is the Founder and CEO of Total Control Financial, where he teaches people to tap into their 401(k) and IRA to give them more options and control over their retirement funds. He has owned multiple businesses, been involved in real estate and insurance, and now works on helping people make better financial decisions. John and Damion dive into many topics relating to financial planning, from the different strategies to the importance of understanding the differences between various financial products. Tune in to find out more about playing to your strengths and collaborating on your weaknesses!


Key Takeaways:

[:19] John introduces his guest for this episode — Damion Lupo.

[2:29] John and Damion discuss the importance of playing to your strengths, rather than trying to improve your weaknesses. That’s why you need a team around you.

[4:32] Damion highlights why trusting the right people is important.

[5:08] John gives a shout out to the sponsor, SmartVault.

[6:14] Who is Damion and what does he do?

[6:47] Some of what Damion is doing is contrary to Tom Wheelright’s strategies. Damion explains perspective on some of his strategies.

[10:43] Damion explains why it’s so important to understand what someone is trying to sell and how to use that to your advantage.

[13:50] John and Damion talk through a specific example of a strategy you can employ and how it relates to tax strategy.

[17:41] Damion has niched down on how to use certain assets.

[22:24] How has Damion solved for the fact that consumers don’t really understand the difference between different financial products?

[23:43] Damion and John discuss how they deal with operating in the clients’ best interests.

[27:53] You may have to pay a big premium for being cheap — it is expensive to be cheap.

[31:59] Damion shares a personal anecdote about a friend of his.

[33:08] People don’t make decisions based on math, but based on shortcuts.

[38:20] How can people find someone like Damion to help them with their finances?

[40:11] Damion highlights a “hack” — having a team.

[44:55] Get in touch with Damion via his website to find out more about how he helps people with their finances.

[46:42] Damion shares some final thoughts with an anecdote from his experience.


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QRP and eQRP

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini

Strategic Coach

Gary Keller

Peter Diamandis

Tim Ferriss

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