William “Bill” Hogsett is the CEO and Customer Experience Officer at Review Fire, a company that aims to help clients get feedback that they can use to improve their business, from real customers that matter. In a time when people are using social media as a bludgeon against companies they aren’t satisfied with, how can businesses counter bad reviews posted online? Bill’s product allows clients not only to get good feedback from customers but also to improve their business based on these reviews. He explains his inspiration behind launching Review Fire, and why having reviews can be a real game changer for many businesses. Tune in to find out more about how to harness the power of reviews!


Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Bill Hogsett.

[1:47] Bill explains the premise of his business.

[2:43] How did Bill identify this problem that led him to start his business?

[5:49] Bill shares some fascinating statistics about the reviews accountants get.

[8:45] Bill highlights the key advantages of having more reviews.

[11:48] How does Bill’s company help clients get feedback to improve their business?

[13:34] Reviews help clients deal with expectations.

[16:16] What was Bill’s process in designing and creating his product, and what were some factors he took into consideration?

[22:46] Employees aren’t a good source of feedback to improve your business, happy customers are.

[23:57] Bill walks us through some other key points of his product that allow business owners to customize their client experience in getting feedback.

[25:01] Bill and John discuss the impact that negative reviews have on people’s perceptions.

[27:54] Review Fire also allows business owners to share great reviews on Facebook.

[28:40] Can business owners only choose to highlight positive reviews?

[31:58] John and Bill dive into the technology behind the platform that makes it reliable and trustworthy, and how clients can automate the process of gathering feedback.

[35:36] Bill explains how his technology helps clients from an internal standpoint, using John’s company as an example.

[39:38] Bill compares how his product fares against his biggest competitors.

[42:09] What are John’s thoughts on the Net Promoter Score?

[46:41] Bill shares his thoughts on his ideas for John’s business and how Review Fire can help.

[47:49] Get in touch with Bill and find out more about Review Fire at his website.


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