Vikram Rajan is one of the co-founders of Phone Blogger, a company that markets to accountants and attorneys.  He helps busy professionals create content that can be published to social media platforms and emailed to clients and prospects as a newsletter — all through short phone interviews. Vikram shares more about his business model and what makes it so appealing to his target audience, as well as why his strategy helps his clients build and grow their businesses through word-of-mouth referrals. Tune in to find out why you too should be repurposing your content, and just how you can do it!


Key Takeaways:

[:19] John introduces his guest for this episode — Vikram Rajam.

[3:59] What does Vikram do?

[4:56] Vikram’s business is all about bringing the system of referrals and social media together.

[8:51] What’s Vikram’s process with clients to bring the content produced to the wider audience?

[12:24] John recommends a resource for Vikram to check out.

[14:03] John and Vikram discuss the importance of differentiation, particularly among CPAs, and Vikram elaborates with an example from Wheel of Fortune.

[19:40] What people want from accountants isn’t the service that they provide. John speaks to the need for entrepreneurial accountants who are focusing on making the highest best use of their time.

[22:50] How long does it take for Vikram and his team to nail down a client’s ‘voice’?

[28:05] There’s a fine balance between being personable and being professional. It is important to temper the two because, at the end of the day, it’s people relating to people.

[30:57] Vikram recommends that his clients keep an idea bank for blog articles.

[34:12] Vikram shares a trick he has for clients — turn long answers you write in response to a client’s question into a blog post.

[37:41] All content that is created should be reused — you can monetize a piece of content multiple times. There are so many opportunities to repurpose content. John and Vikram discuss the examples from WWE, Disney, and Netflix.

[44:34] Vikram and John discuss the Facebook acquisition of Instagram, as well as the algorithms behinds Facebook ads.

[51:16] Get in touch with Vikram via email or social media.


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