Scott Ayres is a Content Scientist at Agorapulse, a social media management company, that also focuses on doing experiments and research into what works and what doesn’t on social media. Scott breaks down some of the common myths he has busted in the social media marketing sphere and shares some recent experiments he has conducted that have produced surprising results. John and Scott also discuss the effectiveness of marketing strategies, and why it’s so important to be where your ideal clients are, instead of spreading yourself thin across all channels. Tune in to find out more!


Key Takeaways:

[:21] This podcast is sponsored by SmartVault!

[:49] John introduces his guest for this episode Scott Ayres.

[1:35] What does Scott do?

[4:18] What’s the history behind the name Agorapulse?

[5:53] What exactly is a content scientist?

[8:28] John and Scott discuss a strategy or technique being 60% effective vs. being 95% effective.

[10:24] Scott shares some of his recent experiments with surprising findings Instagram hashtags, the carousel feature on Instagram, and features on Facebook.

[20:28] Technology is evolving so quickly that Scott’s role didn’t even exist ten years ago and marketers have to keep up with these changes.

[24:51] John deconstructs some of the business decisions of MoviePass and the problems that came up when people tried to hack the system.

[28:06] What are some ideas Scott has tested that have stunned him with the results?

[33:40] John gives a shout out to SmartVault and how it has positively impacted his company.

[35:40] What services does Scott offer to clients?

[40:18] The search economy has drastically changed the mindset of businesses to try to be in the path of what people are searching for.

[45:41] Find out more about Scott, his company’s product, and the work that he does at the Agorapulse website and on social media.


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