Dennis Lewis is a Digital Storyteller, Blockchain Marketing Specialist, and the author of Behold the Cryptopreneurs. Dennis sheds light on the technology underlying blockchain and distributed ledgers, the distinction between banks and cryptocurrencies, and the implications of what blockchain can do for businesses and entrepreneurs. He shares some examples of how blockchain could revolutionize various industries and the different applications of this new means of storing and moving value. Tune in to find out more about why you should be looking to become a cryptopreneur, too.


Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Dennis Lewis.

[1:27] What is blockchain/a distributed ledger?

[6:03] John and Dennis discuss the difference in the structure of a bank vs. blockchain.

[7:49] Dennis explains how and why cryptocurrencies were created.

[11:28] John and Dennis discuss the taxation and regulation of these cryptocurrencies.

[13:17] What are the implications of having data stored in a blockchain?

[18:13] Dennis shares some of the applications of the blockchain as a new way of storing and moving value.

[20:46] Ease of use is one of the ways that things gain widespread adoption.

[22:19] John and Dennis discuss an example of how the blockchain might be used for storing data and other uses.

[28:11] Many services are going to be taken over by blockchain.

[34:39] Where can people go to learn more and get into this space?

[39:28] Dennis offers people the chance to do ICOs with his agency.

[40:47] Dennis leaves us with some final thoughts.


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