The Evolution of the Entrepreneurial Tax Pro

A special webinar for the tax pro who wants to do more for their clients–and themselves, brought to you by the team that has helped hundreds of tax professionals profit from proactive tax planning.

Tuesday, December 14
3-4:30 p.m. EST

This presentation is free for all who want to join. Registration includes access to the live webinar and the recorded replay. Register now, availability is limited.

evolved tax pro

Make 2022 the year you move to a wallet-share business

The ethical CPA or EA often works harder than other financial professionals, and virtually always acts in the client’s best interest, yet claims less than 10% of the client’s total spend on financial services.

Isn’t it ironic that the wealth managers you refer your clients to often don’t even provide tax-efficient financial solutions? If your clients struggle and fail due to conflicted and siloed advice, isn’t it time you changed all that? You can change everything for the client and for you, and you will learn how in this must-see webinar.

The threats from AI and competition are demonetizing the tax compliance business

But there’s good news: the family office model has been democratized–and you are the perfect professional to lead the transformation.

You were born on third base, and this webinar will get you home safely

There have always been massive barriers keeping you from a radical increase in your revenues, income and business value. This webinar is designed to teach you how you can bypass all of the time, hassle and money typically associated with doing more for your clients.

What’s on the table for your clients and for you is truly historic

America’s wealthiest people are also its most successful investors, and that’s not a coincidence. And it’s not a secret: it’s because they work with family offices. That’s good news for them, but for people with less than $20 million, not so much. Learn how to transition from tax pro to Family Office Director.

In this webinar you will learn

Meet your presenters

Dave O'Rourke

Dave O'Rourke

Dave O'Rourke is the president of Fincancial Gravity Asset Management and one of the principal driving forces behind Financial Gravity’s mission to accelerate the transformation of tax professionals into family office directors.

Dave is also Financial Gravity’s defacto Communicator in Chief, and Chief Evangelical Officer. Dave brings his special written and verbal communication skills to the creation of a wide scope of educational and motivational collateral for the Financial Gravity family of companies, including videos, webinars, newsletters, marketing campaigns and professional mentoring.

Ed Lyon, J.D.

Ed Lyon, J.D.

Ed Lyon is the founder and CEO of the Tax Master Network (previously TaxCoach Software) and currently serves as Chief Tax Strategist for Financial Gravity companies and Presidential Wealth Management.

Ed is the author of nearly a dozen books on taxes and tax planning. . He’s the creator of the Certified Tax Master® program and the Green Light Academy. He’s appeared on over 500 television and radio broadcasts, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, and even The Roseanne Barr Show, which dubbed him “the funniest tax guy in America.”

The Evolution of the Entrepreneurial Tax Pro

Tuesday, December 14
3-4:30pm EST

This presentation is free for all who want to join.