I follow what progress is happening in the world of technology and innovation, very closely. I do this for a few reasons. First, it is cool and I love to see progress. Second, as Wayne Gretzky famously said “I skate to where the puck is going to be”, and if I plan to take our stakeholders in the direction of where the “puck is going” I need to know where it is going. Third, it is cool.

Of course, with progress comes fear. I am not sure where this comes from, it fuels the elections. No one really talks about why they are better, they talk about how the other person is going to ruin everything. Fear and anxiety is what is “sold” every night on the evening news. The news seems to take glee in disaster and they fan the flames to make the disaster last as long as possible.

New technologies are always met with the fear that it will end humanity. Hollywood knows this and fans the flames. Terminator, Hunger Games, The Matrix and a myriad of dystopian futures are sold as entertainment. Entertainment is not reality. As technologies in a myriad of fields evolve, merge and accelerate the questions still remain, will we have anything to do in the future? Will robots/machines rule the world? Will humans matter? (For more on this, read Humans Are Underrated by Geoff Colvin)

What Hollywood neglects and so does the scarcity mindset that plagues our world, despite its abundance, is the assumption that technology evolves, but we don’t. Take the movie, I Robot, starring Will Smith. The robots are incredibly advanced, but the people are only slightly advanced and are dependent on robots. This is NOT how the world works. We are advancing simultaneously. The phones you all have are advanced, the apps on them are advanced, but your use of them has allowed you to accelerate your productivity, if you use it to its full potential. The technology did not replace you it enhanced you.

So once again, I encourage you to see the wonder of the world we live in and recognize that although not perfect, it is pretty amazing. Also, look at innovation as an opportunity to improve your world and live your life in a way that you are always skating to where the puck will be. This is a better way to think and live, don’t you think?

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