The last couple of months I have watched A LOT of football. Not sure why, maybe it’s because my son is going to Baylor and for the first time in my life I had a reason to care about the top 25 and the Cowboys season ended months ago. Maybe it was due to the fact a valued member of our team decided to take a position as COO of a charity the week before Christmas and football was the perfect background noise for tackling the year ahead.

As I huddled with my computer and contemplated the playbook for the year ahead, I occasionally glanced up at highlights and noticed the news crawls across the bottom about players leaving teams for the draft (college), coaches and GM’s being fired (pro) and all the movement that tends to happen as seasons come to an end.

I wondered if being a coach for a Pro team was easier than a College team. College coaches don’t have to deal with prima donnas making way more money than the coaching staff. They do have to deal with the graduations of great players; no “franchise players” for them. Pro coaches have to deal the pressure cooker of angry fans and salary caps, but college coaches have to deal with alumni and hundreds of teams competing for players.

BOTH are hard, but in different ways.

As our business grows, we have made “coaching” changes, and we have made “player” changes. Some we didn’t want to make; they just left because a new job was closer to home or left for a job four times further from home but was their “passion.” In a couple of cases team members were asked to succeed elsewhere.

Whether the changes happened because of us or to us, the team has to move on and keep playing. And the decisions that are made when the changes happen, HAVE to be made for the good of the team AND the fans. The best part of sports and business, is that no matter the change, there is ALWAYS HOPE that it will be better next year.

As it relates to Financial Gravity, it HAS gotten better every year. We look forward to keeping our fans (YOU) happy, this and every year.

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