The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 begins phasing in for tax year 2018 and beyond, and it’s time to start thinking about how its new provisions, as well as its changes, will affect you and the amount you pay in taxes. Read more

Your CPA is likely well-meaning, and he or she is generally knowledgeable about taxes. But they’re trained to make sure you’re in compliance with the tax code after the fact. Proactive tax planning isn’t their strong suit. But when you look at the tax year ahead, you need a strategy before you get to the end of it. Read more

You’ve likely wrapped up your 2017 taxes by now, and are looking ahead into 2018. The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brings numerous changes to the already enormous tax code. More than ever you need a plan. For example, here are just 5 of the things you need to know before the 2018 tax season: Read more

Hopefully, your CPA is knowledgeable about taxes. They know how to check all the right boxes at the end of the year and make sure your business is complying with tax law. But is that enough? How is your CPA at thinking ahead and strategizing for your upcoming tax year? Read more

It’s 2018, and tax reform is at hand. The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act offers lots of planning opportunities, especially for business owners. There are many changes to the existing tax code, changes which can affect your business and its bottom line in unforeseen ways. For example, the new Qualified Business Income rules alone should be enough to keep an army of tax lawyers busy for years. Read more

Like any business owner, you’re always looking for a way to add to your bottom line, to increase the ratio of revenue over expenses. Did you know that there’s a relatively easy way to do exactly that without having to hire new employees or come up with a new business plan? Read more