The IRS taxes gambling profits, but they still take a loss for March Madness.

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Today our host, Ed Lyon, gives us a brief but interesting look at the British territory Gibraltar. At first it seems that he may be advocating moving there to shelter taxes, until he reveals a larger country that most don’t realize is a tax haven, as well.

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In recent years, Americans have lost their thrifty, self reliant attitudes and adopted a “just throw it away and buy a new one” lifestyle. Sweden has noticed a similar trend amongst its citizens, and has decided to use their tax laws to change it.

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Today our host, Ed Lyon, Chief Tax Strategist at Financial Gravity, gives us a history lesson on 1924. In that year Congress made several changes to tax rules, and, most notably, provided lots of gossip material when they published the names of top earning Americans.

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The IRS Collections Division has engaged a consulting firm to send a customer satisfaction survey to a random group of taxpayers.

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In today’s Tax Tune Up episode we explore the story of an enterprising American who joined the gig economy. Ironically, Jack Vitayanon went from being an IRS attorney to facing repercussions for tax evasion in his drug trafficking side job.

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Check out the first ever Tax Tune Up Episode of the Financial Gravity Podcast with Chief Tax Strategist Ed Lyon.  Listen as Ed walks us through the implications of a new Philadelphia tax on soda, and its unexpected potential consequences.  Check back in every Thursday for more episodes of the Tax Tune Up!

TAX TUNE UP 001: New Philadelphia Tax Could Create Opportunity for Bootlegging

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