Bill Bice is the CEO of boomtime, which focuses on Word of Mouth Marketing and getting clients referrals through building an audience and helping people stay top-of-mind. Bill explains why marketing isn’t really about good brand images or fancy logos — it’s really all about collecting, analyzing and using data to understand the customer journey and filling in the gaps. Bill shares how boomtime helps clients create consistent content and cultivate personal relationships at the individual level that turn into referrals. Tune in to find out more about how you, too, can set your business up for success with word of mouth marketing!

Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Bill Bice.

[:53] What does Bill do?

[2:58] Marketing is more about data than other peripheral things like icons or logos. What has Bill learned just from studying data?

[5:38] John and Bill discuss the customer journey and how data can help identify gaps in the journey that need to be addressed.

[8:15] Why are websites no longer brochures for the company and more of landing pages that walk potential clients through the sales process?

[12:53] How does Bill make the transition to word of mouth marketing referrals?

[17:03] What are Bill’s thoughts on leveraging personal branding, rather than the brand of the company?

[19:36] Bill explains how he helps companies create those individual-level relationships.

[24:26] How does Bill help clients set up for success with word of mouth referrals?

[31:35] It’s crucial to identify your niche of who your best customer is, their pain points, and to speak to that.

[37:16] John shares an anecdote to show how sharing great content can get him referrals.

[41:10] Doing business with someone is all about building trust and credibility.

[42:36] Get in touch with Bill via Linkedin, his website, and check out his podcast.

[44:55] Bill and John discuss why it’s so important for you to lean into your superpower and unique ability and allow others to fill in the gaps in your business.

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