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Tax Myths: I Can Only Write Off My Mileage

You almost certainly know that you can write off the mileage for business use of your car. That advice is still true. A nice bonus is that it is easier than ever to track your business mileage with a variety of smartphone apps available. Mileage, however, isn’t the only automotive write-off that you should be […]

You Need a Tax Professional Who Understands Business Owners

Finding tax and investment advisors who give you proactive advice for saving on your taxes probably feels like an elusive search. The truth is that not every tax professional, in fact, the majority of them, do not do any proactive planning. Most CPAs are not even trained to do this level of tax planning. If […]

‘Tis The Season For Charitable Giving

There are many advantages to giving to charity. While doing good is in and of itself its own reward, it also probably makes you feel good. Reaping the tax benefits from that charitable giving has also been a nice perk. While taxes might not have been at the forefront of your mind when providing assistance […]

You Need a Tax Professional Who Works For You Year Round

You might think of spring as “tax season,” but that is a misnomer for small business owners. In reality, tax season should be thought of as tax filing season. Yes, it’s important to get your tax return filed on time, but the need for tax planning is really an omnipresent one. Filing your taxes is […]

What if There Were a Black Friday Sale on Taxes

You’ve likely heard of a little thing called Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is also known as the biggest shopping day in the United States. Stores offer major markdowns, mind-blowing doorbusters, and rock-bottom prices. If you’re a die-hard bargain hunter who goes to great lengths to score the best deals and deepest discounts, Black […]


Your Tax Professional Should Do More Than Just Taxes

This scenario will probably sound familiar. Your accountant takes the information you provide to them, they put the right numbers into the right boxes on the right forms and get them filed by the right deadline. It’s like a checklist: check, check, check, and check. Once they have completed your tax return, they move along […]


Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC: What’s Best For Me?

Choosing the right business entity involves all sorts of tax considerations. Even though a sole proprietorship is the easiest business type to start, it might not be the best type of business for you. Too many business owners are operating with entities that may have been appropriate when they were established, but aren’t working as […]


Wealth Building Through Strategic Tax Planning

Strategic tax planning is an important part of building and preserving your wealth. There is a saying that says, “it’s not what you make that matters, it’s what you keep that can make a difference.” Don’t leave money on the table, wasting money on taxes that you don’t legally have to pay. For many people, […]