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Episode 108: Sidney Clevinger — Generate Leads, Close Sales

Sidney Clevinger is the CEO of Fritz Advertising Agency, a digital marketing and digital advertising agency that helps people with generating leads online through social media and other online avenues and also teaches people how to convert leads into closed sales. It is a resource-driven company that focuses on tried-and-tested systems, scripts, and training around […]


Episode 104: Vikram Rajan — From Phone Conversation to Blog (and More!)

</ifram Vikram Rajan is one of the co-founders of Phone Blogger, a company that markets to accountants and attorneys.  He helps busy professionals create content that can be published to social media platforms and emailed to clients and prospects as a newsletter — all through short phone interviews. Vikram shares more about his business model […]


Episode 102: Fred Parrish — Numbers That Help Business Owners Run Their Business

Fred Parrish is helping small business owners figure out the numbers that help them run their business. Too often, financial professionals like accountants, CPAs, and controllers churn out numbers that don’t make sense to the business owner and that don’t help them make sound decisions for their business. Fred is revolutionizing the industry with his […]