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Financial Gravity Companies, Inc Announces New Book – The New Tax Law: How to Make it Work for You and Your Business

Allen, TX – (NASDAQ Wire – January 24, 2018) Financial Gravity Companies, Inc., (OTCQB: FGCO), is pleased to announce that “The New Tax Law: How to Make it Work for You and Your Business” will be available in January 2018. The book, authored by Financial Gravity’s Chief Tax Strategist Ed Lyon, JD will help readers […]


Financial Gravity Podcast – Episode 74: Revolutionizing Financial Technology in Residential Real Estate

Michael Micheletti is the Corporate Communications Expert at Unison Home Ownership Investors, a company that helps consumers own their own home by combining a mixture of debt and equity. Unison has been in the marketplace for about a decade and is the only company currently offering this service to consumers. Michael explains how his company […]

Financial Gravity Companies, Inc., Announces HeroX Prize for Odele™, The AI Enabled Strategic Tax Planning Software

Allen, TX – (NASDAQ Wire – January 16, 2018) Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. (OTCQB: FGCO) launched the HeroX Prize in an effort to create an application optimized to lower personal taxes for business owners, entrepreneurs and high net worth families with multiple sources of income, some investments, and the ability to save for the future. […]


Financial Gravity Podcast – Episode 73: Mac Prichard — PR and Marketing for Social Change

Mac Prichard is the Founder and President of Prichard Communications, a PR company that works with foundations, non-profits, and other social change organizations. He helps his clients tell their stories in order to make a difference to the issues they care about or the communities they work in or serve. On this episode, he talks […]

CPAs Lack the Ability to Think Outside the Canvas

How are small business owners and entrepreneurs like artists? Well, they combine their passion and available supplies (such as laws) to create a masterpiece (products and services that people actually want.) Entrepreneurship is associated with risk because, well, it’s risky to quit your day job with a consistent salary to start a new venture with […]

Financial Gravity Tax, Inc. Sets New Sales Records in 2017

Allen, TX – (NASDAQ Wire – January 9, 2018) Financial Gravity Tax, Inc., a subsidiary of Financial Gravity Companies, Inc. (OTCQB: FGCO) announced record sales for its Tax Blueprint® proactive tax planning systems in 2017. President and Chief Sales Officer Dan Sundby noted that sales for the last two quarters of 2017 doubled that of […]