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Couples Therapy

Reddit’s r/relationships forum is one of the internet’s favorite soap operas. Posters sum up their angst in a snappy shorthand: “I (22M) have fallen in love with the woman I serve (21F). I left to seek my fortune. But now she thinks I’m dead so she agreed to marry a pompous jerk (30sM). How do […]

Cheap Hits

Chances are good that sometime soon, you’ll find yourself in front of a football game. Love it or loathe it, from now through early 2020, the game will dominate the airwaves, to the point where, if you can’t sleep at 4AM, you can find an ESPN channel somewhere featuring a bunch of aging ex-jocks droning […]

By the Time We Got to Woodstock…

Fifty years ago, a dairy farmer named Max Yasgur thought it would be a rockin’ idea to rent his field to a bunch of kids who wanted to throw a concert. From August 15-17, 400,000 hippies, peaceniks, and plain old music fans converged on the scene. If you’re a 60s fan, Woodstock represents the high […]

Now We Know Why They Call It a “Joy” Stick!

Parenting is full of special moments that create lifelong memories. Your heart bursts in joy as you watch them take their first steps, ride their first bike, and bring home their first report card. When they get a little older, there’s the pride you feel when they bring home their first “real” paycheck, tear into […]


Financial Gravity Announces the Fractional Family Office®

Financial Gravity announces the Fractional Family Office® program for CPAs and Enrolled Agents available on August 1, 2019. A Fractional Family Office® provides integrated tax, business, and financial solutions to small business owners and affluent individuals. Beginning August 1, Financial Gravity’s Tax Master Network subsidiary is letting independent accountants and advisors license that concept to […]

One Small Step…

Fifty years ago this weekend, in what many people consider the crowning accomplishment in all of human history, astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. Eight years earlier, President Kennedy had challenged the nation, before the end of the decade, to land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth. An […]

The Perfect Crime

Everybody needs money. That’s why they call it money. Maybe that’s why the heist movie is still a Hollywood staple. It’s been a while since we thrilled to classics like Heat, or Oceans 11, or The Sting. But who can resist the heist film’s enticing promise: the coolest crew coming together to take the ultimate shortcut to the […]


Showtime’s hit series Billions invites us into the gilded life of Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, a working-class kid from Yonkers who makes his billions running a hedge fund. The camera teases us almost erotically with the spoils of his success: the $63 million Hamptons house he buys on a whim, the his-and-hers private jets he and his wife […]

La Dolce Vita

Picture yourself at an “ozmiza,” or “eight-day tavern,” overlooking the Adriatic Sea on Italy’s Carso coast, near the Slovenian border. A guitarist serenades you and your companions with local folk tunes. Your server treats you to heaping platters piled high with housemade meats and cheeses. There’s plenty of local vino, of course — Malvasian wines by […]

Presto- Change-o

Back in December 2017, while you were finishing up your holiday shopping and spiking the eggnog, Congress spiked the tax code. The goal was simple. First, eliminate a bunch of deductions that made the whole thing more complicated. Then, take advantage of that broader base to cut overall rates. There’s nothing radical about that sort […]