Semi-annually, Financial Gravity hosts its CTM Conference, bringing together existing Financial Gravity Partners as well as Financial Advisors, CPA’s, and others whom are interested in learning about the cutting-edge products and processes Financial Gravity offers to those searching for ways to grow their businesses.

Financial Gravity is disrupting the Financial Advisor and CPA space through its innovative Tax and Wealth offerings. CEO John Pollock’s mantra – “if you get the TAXES wrong, nothing else matters” – sums up the mission of Financial Gravity, and what attracts attendees to the conference.

The sad reality is that the small-to-medium sized business owner in America, the fuel of America’s economy, is getting taxed out of existence. Just when a business becomes viable and is able to grow and realize the owners vision and aspirations, as well as provide jobs and well-being for others, the hard reality of taxes swoops in and steals precious capital from the business. Capital that could be used to fuel more capacity, ideas, production, and innovation, but instead disappears in to the black hole of government bureaucracy never to be seen again.

Large corporations have armies of attorneys and finance gurus who work full-time ensuring that bare minimum (or zero) tax is paid, but the smaller business owner has been neglected in this regard… until Financial Gravity came along and solved this problem! Financial Gravity’s products – the Tax Blueprint®, Tax Operating System®, Advanced Tax Operating System™, and Fractional Family Office® – provide the smaller business owner the same, and even better, tax saving strategies as the big corporations.

The truth for most smaller businesses, is that they believe their CPA is already doing tax strategy for them. Now while their CPA is assuredly doing a good job and is a trusted associate, the reality (nothing against CPA’s) is that CPA’s aren’t trained to do what Financial Gravity does. In fact, in the entire 4-part 14+ hour CPA exam, there is not one question that is remotely related to what Financial Gravity does, even though what they do is moral, ethical, legal, and contained in IRS tax code! This is one of the reasons why so many CPA’s are being attracted to Financial Gravity’s products and Partner Network. They want to grow their businesses, and differentiate themselves from the rest of the CPA pack.

Likewise, Financial Planners are flocking to Financial Gravity for the same reasons – differentiation and growth. Most are tired of being “just another financial planner,” and also realize that technology is rapidly making them obsolete. Being able to offer the Financial Gravity Tax products not only makes them different and much more valuable to their current and future clients, is also grows a secondary profit center (providing diversification/risk mitigation for their business) and is the perfect bridge to gaining a client’s AUM business. The monies saved from the taxman are now available for investment. Additionally, Financial Gravity’s Wealth Management platform and programs are an exciting, cutting-edge offering that many are moving to.

We will be hosting its next CTM Conference in the fall of 2016. To receive more information about the conference, or learn more about our offerings, please visit the following links:
Free Video Course for Financial Advisors and CPA’s
Financial Gravity Biography Free DVD
2016 Spring CTM Conference Agenda (past event)
Message to Business Owners wishing to Save on Taxes
Financial Gravity Website

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