We talk a lot about how we save small and medium-sized business owners money on their personal income taxes, but did you know that we also offer a LOT more than that? Whether you are a Rare, Medium, or Well-done business owner, Financial Gravity exists so that we can help small and medium-sized business owners lower their taxes, increase their profits, and attain greater wealth.Which level of doneness describes your status as a business owner? Are you:

1/ Rare – You’re a complete newb. Before you jump into the frying pan you want to make sure you are perfectly seasoned and marinated. 

What we recommend: Business Blueprint™

Think of the Business Blueprint™ as a recipe for the perfect marinade, an operation manual or roadmap that will help guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. The Business Blueprint™ will help you define a clear vision for your company that you can then share with your employees and “steak”holders. In addition, the Business Blueprint will  answer the following questions:

How do I increase the profitability of my company?

Which of my team members should be held accountable for what?

Is this team member the right person for this task?

2/ Medium – You’re just starting to sizzle. Your business is so hot that you can hardly keep up with demand. Unfortunately, the more money you make, the more taxes you owe.

What we recommend: TaxBlueprint™

You shouldn’t be penalized for being more successful. Though anyone can learn how to make the tax code work in their favor, the tax code is over 70,000 pages long (i.e. boring read.). If you’ve got better things to do than reading that thing (we don’t blame you), you can download John Pollock’s ebook where he busts 10 of the most common tax myths. Or…you can hire a professional to develop a customized tax reduction plan (TaxBlueprint™) for you that will deliver a tax savings of at least 2x the cost (or it’s free).

3/ Well Done– You’ve spent the last few decades building a successful company, but now you’re ready to scale down, cash in some assets, and work on your tan. Before you order a round of margaritas at the golf resort pool, you’ll need to sell your company.

What we recommend: Exit Planning

We help you avoid costly mistakes and keep more of what you’ve earned. Not only will we provide a set of customised strategies for you to use, we also help you implement the recommended strategies. This service is free for Financial Gravity clients who are currently using our Bookkeeping with Purpose™ or enrolled in our Tax Operating System™. 

In addition to helping small and medium-sized business owners lower their taxes, increase their profits, and attain greater wealth, Financial Gravity also provides services such as bookkeeping, estate planning, and tax preparation. 

We saved these customers thousands on their taxes, which means we can do the same for you. 

*Photo by Lukas Budimaier on Unsplash

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